Monday, December 15, 2008

Paint'ns n' Sech

So, this semester I took a painting class. I wasn't sure how it would be, since I've never really attempted painting much, let alone oil painting. While I can't wipe my arse upon a canvas and call it art quite yet, I ended up being decent I suppose. Here is a taste of my brush. (I decided to leave out the nudy ones... even thought thems ended up being perdy durn good.)

Self-Portrait. I call it, "Me, Ten Years From Now." Cuz that's what it looks like. Or not.

"3rd Floor Men's Room"
I really like this one for some reason. It was funny to watch people's faces as they went in and out of the bathroom knowing someone was painting it. A couple girls even went in the wrong door. Suckers.
A sunset, quickly done obviously. Boy does that sun set fast when yer watchin it! I figure this fits the season too.

This one is fun to look at from all angles.

"Luya's Admirers"
Here's that foxy vixen once again, with some yellow headed Pea-Heads. I did this for my final, goin for a strange pop art feel. I feel like my proportions are slightly out of wack. But my teacher said he loved the hands.

Well, das it n das all. Noobie.

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Whit said...

Chris when are you going to draw my boys! I want some to hang up! I love the wave picture! I wish I could have gone to your art showing thing!