Thursday, June 5, 2008

Winnie the PAN

I shoved Winnie the Pooh into Neverland

(quill pen and ink) (Whoops! This is the early draft, not sure where the "touched up" one went...better find it!)

early sketch

When Kyler Goes to Grandma's House

The coloring book I made for Ky guy last Christmas (click on the images to look at them individually)

The Bugm'n and Little Man!

The various roundings of the Bugman

Bugman doesn't smoke, kids! I'm not sure what that is...
Even the Little Man served a mission


Luya and Robob, slightly colored in the puter.

Kotenma, inked, markered and colored penciled. An inked and Prisma Colored take
Ink and Prisma
Cheap color pencils and markers

Chibi versions! (Prisma color on black board paper)