Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some doodles

...from a couple years ago...(sheesh...isn't there anything new worth puttin up?? I'll start lookin..)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Drawing Class

Here are some highlights of my drawing class from 3 (!!!) years ago. Kinda bad quality images, I took them with a digital camera myself (a photographer I am not).

Some quick gesture sketches

Portrait stuffs...

Hey, kids! Its Daniel Johns of Silverchair!

Tomiko Van from Do As Infinity

Thom Yorke (looking more like Martin Short) of Radiohead

Random chick

Bjork of...Bjork.

My mouth and nose...givin ya the "wise guy." This bad boy is pretty big in person .

White pencil on black paper. Cute lil bear, ain't he?

This was my best one out from that class, in my humble opinion. It was a good sized piece as well. I even have a name for it.
"Radio Head"

My final project for the class was a multi-picture tribute to Cass, but I really didn't like how it turned out... Cass says she likes it, but I just couldn't do her justice and it really chaffes(sp?) my hide!. Twas a battle getting it done, and it was a battle I lost, unfortunately.

Paint'ns n' Sech

So, this semester I took a painting class. I wasn't sure how it would be, since I've never really attempted painting much, let alone oil painting. While I can't wipe my arse upon a canvas and call it art quite yet, I ended up being decent I suppose. Here is a taste of my brush. (I decided to leave out the nudy ones... even thought thems ended up being perdy durn good.)

Self-Portrait. I call it, "Me, Ten Years From Now." Cuz that's what it looks like. Or not.

"3rd Floor Men's Room"
I really like this one for some reason. It was funny to watch people's faces as they went in and out of the bathroom knowing someone was painting it. A couple girls even went in the wrong door. Suckers.
A sunset, quickly done obviously. Boy does that sun set fast when yer watchin it! I figure this fits the season too.

This one is fun to look at from all angles.

"Luya's Admirers"
Here's that foxy vixen once again, with some yellow headed Pea-Heads. I did this for my final, goin for a strange pop art feel. I feel like my proportions are slightly out of wack. But my teacher said he loved the hands.

Well, das it n das all. Noobie.